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  • Coolio · (Administrator formerly known as Principal)
  • Shirley Jones · (Nurse Kevorkian)
  • Tiffani-Amber Thiessen · (Hagitha Utslay)
  • Tom Arnold · (Doughy Primesuspect)
  • Julie Benz · (Barbara)
  • Harley Cross · (Dawson)
  • Majandra Defino · (Martina Navratalova)
  • Simon Rex · (Slab)
  • Danny Strong · (Boner)
  • Aimee Graham · (Screw Phrombehinde)
  • Rose Marie · (Mrs. Tingle)
  • David Herman · (Christopher, Sex Education Teacher)
  • Jimmy "JJ" Walker · (Pimp)
  • Mink Stole · (Madame La Tourneau)
  • Sue Bailey · (Prison Guard)
  • Joe Nelms · (Dead Boner Walking)

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  • Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th

    MAJANDRA DELFINO · (Martina Navratalova)

    One of the first to be cast was Majandra Delfino for the role of student, Martina Navratalova.

    For Delfino, the movie gave her an opportunity to vent her frustrations on the teen targeted high school series that now populates the airways. "I hate shows like 'Dawson's Creek' or '90210,' so to have an opportunity to spoof them is pretty wild," said Delfino, who can be seen on her own upcoming show "Roswell High." "My character is Martina. You could call her the Martina Navratalova of Bulimia Falls High School. The female jock who is pretty in a dykish sort of way. But I do sort of fall for Dawson," she concluded.

    Considered one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood today, Delfino is currently scheduled to co-star in the new series "Roswell High." Prior to this, she was a series regular on the "Tony Danza Show" along with the "Katie Joplin Show" for the WB.

    Her film credits include the lead in "Zeus & Roxanne," "Learning Curve," and "Unglued."

    But it was her singing that got Majandra interested in a career in acting. As a youngster 1995 she was a rising star in the music industry, having a demo contract with Polygram Records and opening for the Bee Gees. Her other hobbies include ice skating, horseback riding, soccer, baseball, tennis and snow skiing.