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  • Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th

    Things About the the movie,
    from a unique inside perspective.

  • The STORY section tells the breif story line in the movie. It is a parody on the lines of any teen horror slasher movie that goes one step further, but without stepping in it like in that other not "scary movie".

  • The Dialog section gives a taste of some of the jokes inthe dialog, and examples of the social references littered throughout the script.

  • References for the humour challenged cites a few other reviews that did seem to get the joke, and gives you a few heads up on what to watch for.

  • The SCRIPT is the full complete unedited script with all of it's errors and omitions, and a lot of jokes that just did not appear in the film. Some for time constraints, some for budget, and some because of stupid American boys with guns that ruin a punch line by killing people.

  • The Dialog section is a short version of some of the script dialog that gets right to the point, or joke.

  • The Posters page shows some of the different versions of the posters seen around the world for this film, as bad as the design was. I mean come on, it is a comedy. Why doesn't anybody smile? They smiled in the film. And what is with that dingy colour sceme. The mask was white, not blue, and the eyes were not yellow.
    Some of these are presented on the upper left corner on these pages.

  • Stills Gallery of production shots taken during filming. A rousting gallery of pictures that will be expanding as the collection grows.

  • What critics

  • Or what fans have to say on for more reviews.

  • Buy at since they have many copies, not that anyone knows where the money goes.

  • What Mutant fans say and they did watch it.

  • And jrgdawg says since it seems he watched it too.

  • and aral says, which is a good read and quoted here.

    Production Information section gives some of the production detail that may be mis-quoted or lost in TV broadcsts.

  • The Locations tells of where this thig was shot.

  • Stills Gallery of production has the growing growing collection of shots taken during the filming ot the movie. Hopefully there will be some new ones each visit.

  • The Producers page has links to the companies that produced this movie. All are independant film makers and subject to the whims and mercy of the big boys that tend to rule studioland Hollywood.

  • Endless Entertainment, a Canadain fim production company located in Vancouver, BC.

  • Rhino Films, a division of Rhino Records that has done several other big budget productions, like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vaegas" with Johnny Depp (Canadian) and Terry Gilliam (Not Canadian)

  • Sea Dragon Films, a small film production company that was also involved in "Dungeons and Dragons".

  • The distrubutors who are supposed to get that film out to you, the fans.

    The Cast is what else, but the players in this farce. And they are:

  • The list is a more complete source of all sorts of movies, not just Shriek... and some of the background on these films.

  • The jokes in the props section gives another glimpse into the wierd workings of the writers and the film makers, as it tries to explain some of the items missed in the film, or that were too quick to really see.

    The Crew is a quick list of the basic crew. As my fingers thaw out, (Canadian, don't you know) I will have to type in a long list of all those that helped in the film, You can see most of their names if you actually read the credits at teh end of the film.

    The Music covers all of the music inthe film, thanks to Andy Wombwell. Someday we may have clips here. Loved "Cop and Friend" as a raunch techno-tune.

  • The Bands section will hopefully have more information on these up and comming bands. this should have been the big break for some of them. But, like the film says," or not."

    And you can e-mail us with your comments or views.