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  • Coolio · (Administrator formerly known as Principal)
  • Shirley Jones · (Nurse Kevorkian)
  • Tiffani-Amber Thiessen · (Hagitha Utslay)
  • Tom Arnold · (Doughy Primesuspect)
  • Julie Benz · (Barbara)
  • Harley Cross · (Dawson)
  • Majandra Defino · (Martina Navratalova)
  • Simon Rex · (Slab)
  • Danny Strong · (Boner)
  • Aimee Graham · (Screw Phrombehinde)
  • Rose Marie · (Mrs. Tingle)
  • David Herman · (Christopher, Sex Education Teacher)
  • Jimmy "JJ" Walker · (Pimp)
  • Mink Stole · (Madame La Tourneau)
  • Sue Bailey · (Prison Guard)
  • Joe Nelms · (Dead Boner Walking)

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  • Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th

    SIMON REX · (Slab)

    And what would a high school spoof be without your dumb jock? Meet Slab, your basic, "I got through high school but couldn't tell you how to spell my name," meathead, played so brilliantly by ex MTV V.J. Simon Rex. Rex can currently be seen as a recurring character on the popular WB series "Felicity."

    A San Francisco native, Simon Rex traveled for three years as a professional model. It was while modeling that Rex was discovered by MTV and quickly became one of their top V.J.'s.

    Rex landed a series regular role on the WB show "Your on with Kate" and a recurring role on "Felicity." In addition, Rex also co-starred in the independent film "Snapped."

    Rex still fine-tunes his comedy improv skills with The Gotham City Improv and The Boston Comedy Club. He can also be seen sporactically as a guest host on E! Entertainment Television.

    Click Here for the Simon Rex Official Web Site